• April 8-11, 2019  NEW DATES!  KANSAS CITY, MO  Contact Barbara Neth: barbara.neth34@gmail.com

  • October 10-12, 2019  LOWELL, MI  Franciscan Life Process Center  www.lifeprocesscenter.org  Contact Kathleen Bechtel: kbechtel@lifeprocesscenter.org 

    2019 Workshops​


​Tom’s energetic teaching style and his passion for painting combine to create a workshop experience that is enjoyable and informative.  Any artist looking to break free of a careful, timid painting process will find Tom's direct and representational approach very inspirational.  Utilizing his ability to clearly explain visual concepts, Tom will share his ​approach and methods for painting bold and interpretive watercolors.  Within this process, students will learn how to create stronger, more effective visual statements.  Each morning will begin with a discussion covering various topics and culminating in a demonstration that allows participants to see how Tom approaches a work from start to finish. Subject matter may include landscapes, street scenes with people and the clothed figure. Ample opportunity is provided for everyone to paint with individual direction/guidance a priority.  Each day will end with a class critique to afford students the opportunity to learn from the works of others.  Tom welcomes all painters regardless of experience.                                                                                                

            Tom Francesconi aws, nws, twsa 

New workshops are always welcomed.  To schedule a workshop with your organization, contact Tom (708) 799-8161 info@tomfrancesconi.com